MyMedsPH Practice Management System

A powerful interactive cloud-based practice management system (PMS) for physicians and dentists. With the ease of Windows’ graphical interface, MyMedsPH is designed to increase your facility’s productivity and efficiency by (1) automating administrative and office work and (2) providing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in lieu of paper patient charts for real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users anytime, anywhere. Through MyMedsPH’s PMS, your clinic’s productivity and efficiency will radically improve by allowing administrators and other staff to place more of their focus and efforts on patients and less on tedious, time-consuming paperwork.

Excellent after sales support and service

We attend to client needs, we practice open communication and we provide remote or on-site support when needed and as needed.

Improving daily consultation or check-up time

This will result in serving more patients, having more time for patient care and having more time for family

Effective real-time communication

We make sure the patients are notified, either via SMS or Emails and their records are always accessible and available at the point of care, anytime, anywhere.

Request a feature anytime

An excellent solution that continuously improve over time, a solution that can cater the needs of your daily practice.

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