MyMedsPH is a complete practice management system packed with easy-to-use features that streamline and speed up your workflows. You can rely on our powerful architecture, simple operation, and trusted innovation to boost your practice.

Booking & Scheduling

Online Bookings. Free up your front desk and accept bookings anytime 24/7. Bookings are automatically synced in your system calendar.

Book plus register. Patients can register and complete all intake forms at the time of the online booking prior to visit, reducing waiting time.

Smart Calendar. Manage appointments on the go using any device. Sort and filter appointments by types and color codes and view in monthly, weekly, and daily layout.

Integrated with database. Quickly add registered patients to the calendar. Hover cursor to display patient information.

Daily Waitlist. View the daily case line-up for a specific doctor or all doctors.to get you and the team ready for the day‘s work. Check the list for real-time updates on patient arrivals, cancellations and queue status.

SMS Reminders. Send text messages to patients for appointment reminders and even greetings automatically or manually.

Kiosk Mode. Configure a PC/tablet as a kiosk device where patients may fill up the registration form by themselves onsite.

Patient Records

Patient Database. Create digital patient records containing comprehensive health information, progress notes, treatment plans, charts, etc. 

Predictive Texting. Enter names and text quickly and easily through suggested text and autocompletion.

Patient e-signature. Let patients affix their signature on the progress notes by using a computer mouse, and stylus or finger for mobile devices. 

Electronic prescriptions. Create prescriptions either from templates or from scratch with the convenience of a drop-down menu of prescription items.  SMS Records. View a detailed history of text messages sent to the patient.
Customizable templates. Use the built-in formatting tools to customize prescriptions, certificates, and consent forms. Templates come with placeholders to get information added automatically.

Digital charting. Draw, color, and label on customizable teeth charts and 3D tooth models.

Account balance. See any outstanding invoice right on your patient‘s profile page.

Printable and downloadable documents. Get your treatment plans and clinic forms in physical or digital form in just a few clicks.

Expandable storage. Get additional storage by purchasing right in the system.

Export patient records. Easily back up your database by exporting it to excel file.

Finance Management

Billing. Create invoices directly on the patient’s file. Add billing items easily with pre-loaded services and procedures.

Patient e-signature.  Let patients affix their signature upon payment completion.

Payments. View and enter payment details straight on the patient invoice. Create different payment types from cash to HMO.

Flexible invoicing. Apply discounts by manually overriding the price upon creating the bill.
Expenses. Monitor clinic expenses and sort them by clinic, category, accounts, or period.

Financial Reporting. Generate detailed sales reports anytime, any day. Track performance indicators such as daily income, expenses, and patient balances to monitor your practice’s growth and performance.

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