About Us

Founded in 2018, MyMedsPH first began as a basic cloud-based software solely designed and operated by web designer Jeyran Labrador. Early in 2019, Dr. Gian Paolo Duterte subscribed to MyMedsPH but found the previous version to be severely lacking of the necessary features to achieve a streamlined dental practice workflow. So they collaborated to create an advanced and flexible system that not only suits the needs of dentists but highly improves their efficiency and productivity at the same time. By November 2019, the collaboration officially became a business partnership between Mr. LABRADOR, Dr. DUTERTE, and entrepreneur Mr. GREGORY CO —each one coming from a different field but all share a common passion for digital dentistry. Today, it has expanded into a multifaceted hub featuring four key components: Practice Management Software, MyMedsPH Store, Virtual Venue, and Dental Clinics Directory.

What is MyMedsPH?

MyMedsPH is a one-stop shop for dentists, offering an extensive suite of relevant resources to innovate and upgrade their practice. Our multifaceted hub features four key components:   

  • Practice Management Software – a powerful interactive cloud-based practice management system (PMS) for physicians and dentists. With the ease of Windows’ graphical interface, MyMedsPH is designed to increase your facility’s productivity and efficiency by (1) automating administrative and office work and (2) providing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in lieu of paper patient charts for real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users anytime, anywhere. Through MyMedsPH’s PMS, your clinic’s productivity and efficiency will radically improve by allowing administrators and other staff to place more of their focus and efforts on patients and less on tedious, time-consuming paperwork.
  • MyMedsPH Store – the exclusive online marketplace bridging dentists and dental suppliers. MyMedsPH Store provides great customer experience with an easy-to-use interface, reliable and convenient shipping and delivery, and secure and effortless payment transactions. Home to a large catalogue of dental supplies and equipment, your clinic needs are now just a few clicks away.
  • Virtual Venue – an online events platform to host online conferences and webinars that are optimized for connecting and engaging. MyMedsPH’s offers a virtual venue for dentists to access informative webinars by expert lecturers and avail more learning and capability building opportunities.
  • Dental Clinics Directory – a listing of MyMedsPH-affiliated dentists that come with an online booking feature where patients can schedule appointments 24/7. Every listing will display pertinent clinic information, dental clinic’s own logo, photos of staff and services, and a gallery of photos from your business.

MyMedsPH has come a long way since its foundation in 2018 as a basic cloud-based software and we continue to innovate to provide the best solutions possible at a reasonable cost. MyMedsPH diligently works to make the dentist’s life a whole lot easier and deliver satisfaction to clients.

Our Mission

Deliver quality and cost-effective Electronic Health Records Management solutions to improve clinic efficiency for better patient care and provide patient accessibilty and comfort.

Our Vision

The reliable partner for Practice Management Solutions which provide clinic efficiency, enriched work-life balance for providers, and to improve patient care, patient participation and care coordination.

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